Merc Zone 2

About Merc Zone 2

Game Overview Blue Wizard Digital has created Merc Zone 2, an online multiplayer FPS. You can choose your weapon of choice and battle in different game modes and maps. This suit-and tie shooter is stylish and fast-paced. It also features a 3D aesthetic that will make you want to play more. By pressing PLAY, you can jump right into battle directly from your home screen. You can make your own game, select the mode you prefer, and choose the map. Or, join a match on the closest server. There are three types of game: Free for all, Last Merc Standing, or Team.

In Merc Zone 2, there are five classes. Each fighter is given a unique weapon loadout. There are five classes: Brock (assault), Cochese(stealth), Crazy Ed, Bingo (sniper), Ogre (heavy), and Cochese (stealth).

You can now take on the challenge, whether you are a skilled shooter or a minigun enthusiast. Merc Zone 2 is a fast-paced shooter. You will need to keep moving and use your grenades and crouch/slide maneuvers (shift/C). Keep your feet on the ground!

Move = [W][A][S][D]
Jump = [Space]
Shoot = [Left Mouse Button]
Aim Down Sight = [Right Mouse Button]
Reload = [R]
Switch Weapon = [E] / [Mouse Scroll]
Grenade = [G]
Crouch = [C] / [Shift]
Interact = [F]

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